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Who We Are

We are a team of GCC registered chiropractors serving the Epsom community and beyond since 2020. We are a family friendly practice focused on sustainable postural, performance and pain relief care. We are passionate about getting you back to your best, whether that’s getting your body back to peak athletic performance or being able to run around with your children and grandchildren. Our approach is thorough, individually tailored and in depth; getting to the root problem of your structure to allow your body to function at its optimal level.

Here at Spine we specialise in Advanced Biostructural Correction, which is suitable for the whole family; newborns and centurions alike.

We can’t wait to join you on your journey to wellness.

Mission Statement

We are a devoted, dedicated, and joyful tribe with a genuine desire to assist. We encourage and challenge one another transparently to continue expanding our individual and tribal purpose while communicating magically.

Our practice members and families are excited, committed, and enthusiastic ambassadors of ABC and Spine. They give feedback on their journey and future potential, and they love to refer people from far and wide.

We create a ripple effect on the entire world in a way that is filled with love and happiness.

Core Values

We are dedicated to providing you with exceptional chiropractic care that aligns with our core values. We believe in delivering more than just adjustments; we’re committed to creating a holistic and enriching experience for our patients.

Team efficiency and consistency

Empathy, challenge, honesty, accountability, and engagement

Empowerment through education and inspiration

Fun and interactive community

Constant evolving and improving practice

Unlocking hidden potential

Exceptional and Specialised Service

Meet the Team

Get to know our team of ABC™ practitioners, their personal journeys, why they chose to pursue this life changing technique.

About Us
About Us
About Us

Debora Teixeira


Debora’s journey has taken her from Portugal where she spent most of her childhood before moving to the United Kingdom 19 years ago. She then qualified as a Chiropractor a few years later from the renowned AECC University College in Bournemouth in 2021.

Before entering the world of Chiropractic care, Debora was a skilled chef for many years but her true passion for helping others achieve their health goals began during her time as a carer, where she provided essential support to individuals with learning disabilities and Cerebral Palsy.

Debora’s discovery of Advanced Biostructural Correction (ABC™) technique was a pivotal moment in her life, igniting her desire to empower people achieve incredible, life-changing results by optimising the efficiency of their bodies.

Debora loves to cook for her family and friends, indulge in crime-fiction books, explore the great outdoors, and travel the world with her loved ones. Through a love of travelling Debora is also passionate about languages and can speak fluent Portuguese and English, as well as intermediate in French and can understand Spanish and Italian.

“I feel great fulfilment in helping people achieve their dreams and aspirations by improving their health and overall wellbeing. I have experienced the life changing outcomes of ABC first hand through my own personal health journey, as well as being lucky enough to be a part of other peoples’ journeys and transformations. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!”

Katherine Wood


Katherine grew up in the North Devon countryside before relocating to Bournemouth where she earned a First-class MChiro Master’s Degree from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic.

She loves to keep active, being happiest when outdoors, whether that’s walking dogs or simply getting out exploring.

Katherine is passionate about creativity and enjoys producing new educational content for practice members and researching content for our social media pages to educate the general public.

“My ABC™ journey began shortly after graduating. I had practised a variety of Chiropractic techniques along with training in Sports Massage but I didn’t feel fulfilled in the care I was delivering to my clients. After experiencing ABC™ personally, I saw how extraordinary it was and I was inspired to pursue a career specialising in this unique technique. I became a Certified ABC™ Practitioner soon after. The impact that ABC™ has on not only the body, but overall function and well-being has astounded me.

I joined Spine to transform as many lives as possible, offering health advice to people from all walks of life. It is never too late to engage in meaningful change.

I am enthusiastic and dedicated to support and impassion you to transform your posture and life, helping you to become the vision you have of yourself.

I am excited to embark on this health journey with all who come to see me!”

Stuart Murray


Stuart grew up on a farm in South Africa, he grew up outdoors and playing in the mud. He always loved taking things apart and finding out how they worked as well as helping people.

After completing his Masters Degree in Chiropractic, he moved to the UK in search of more answers about how to best solve structural issues in the body.

After 3 years, and many different Chiropractic courses, he stumbled upon Advanced Biostructural Correction™( ABC™). This technique is based solely on correcting underlying mechanical structure of the human frame.

Stuart is a certified Level 3 ABC™ practitioner, ABC™ instructor and a the part of the ABC-Europe Board.

He has had the opportunity of treating Professional cricketers, golfers. He has a particular love for looking after golfers of all skills and loves helping them on the course.

He and his family live in Epsom and call it home. The practice, Spine: Posture and Performance was created to bring true structural healthcare to the people of borough and to the county of Surrey.

He will also aim to bring the technique to the rest of the World through teaching and looking after elite athletes to promote the INSANELY AMAZING results of ABC™.