Advanced Biostructural Correction™

If one looks at bodies around you when walking down the street, you will see all shapes and sizes. You will notice that, the older people get, the more they tend to get stooped over and stuck forward. The body deteriorates, some more than others…why?

What is ABC™?

ABC™ is more than another chiropractic technique it is a breakthrough in structural healthcare. It is a stand alone holistic approach to structural healthcare that looks at the whole human structure as a single synchronous unit. It’s focused on correcting the underlying structure of the body, which leads to better function, less pain and more overll vitality.

How is it different than chiropractic Techniques?

Traditional techniques often use high velocity, short lever adjustments to move vertebrae and other joints. In comparison ABC™ uses slower, longer lever manipulations to align bones that the body cannot self correct.

ABC™, through comprehensive testing protocol, adjusts the whole body – not just targeting the area of pain. An ABC™ adjustment will include meningeal releases along with adjustments of the spine, ribs, pelvis, knees and feet.

How do bodies go wrong?

The body encounters stressors everyday, these include such things as sleeping, sitting, and accidents and these stressors can shift bones out of place. The body has an ability to self-correct most structural misalignments, by using muscles to pull bones into alignment, however it cannot self correct all misalignments , where there are no muscle or group of muscles capable of pulling in the direction needed.
This causes the body to have to compensate for these areas, as these compensations accumulate, the imbalance places extra pressure
and tension different joints around the body.

It’s this weight distribution that can lead to issues such as wear and tear and pain.

How does ABC™ help?

ABC™ targets correcting bones within the body that the body itself cannot correct, due to a lack of muscles. An ABC™ practitioner will test which bones are in a forward position and correct this, allowing the compensations within the body to untwist. This is called unwinding. This process, not only alleviates physical symptoms such as pain but strengthens your body against the everyday stressors, by rebalancing weight distribution and increasing stability. That’s why you may find with ABC™ you can do more with your body than before – you can go for that run or play with those grandkids!