To step into postural freedom

Price List

Types of appointments and what to expect

Discovery Session

10 -15 Minute Appointment
  • Only offered online
  • An overview of your reason for seeking care
  • Whether we are a good match for you.


Initial Consultation and Report of Findings

2 x 30 Min Appointments

Visit 1 Initial Consult

  • In depth case history and questionnaire.
  • Full physical examination.
  • Postural Analysis, Spirometry Testing
  • Referral for other examination if necessary.

Visit 2 Report

  • Pre-care Appointment
  • Discussion and explanation of your condition, how long it will take to resolve and the costs involved.
  • ABC™ treatment, if accepted for care.



10 - 15 min Appointment
  • Full body ABC™ treatment on each visit
  • This includes 36+ tests and appropriate interventions on each session, as a minimum.

£53 - £68