Can I Visit The Chiropractor During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy, along with a healthy glow and thick hair, often comes with musculoskeletal pain. Approximately 50% of all pregnant women experience back pain during their pregnancy, however only 21% seek help. (Boorgen, 2007). Traditionally this is often thought to be a part of pregnancy, but can chiropractic care help alleviate these symptoms? And, more importantly […]

How Important is Gut Health to Overall Health?

Our gut and the importance of our gut health is receiving increased attention. Research is showing us that our gut microbiome could affect every organ in our body. The bacteria and other microbes in your gut help you digest food and may support immune, heart, and brain health, among other benefits. Some studies are even […]

The Battle of the Bras: Good Bras vs Bad Bras

Could such an essential and humble item of underwear be a cause of back pain and posture problems? The answer is absolutely YES! Yes, your bra could certainly be contributing to your back pain! Many women consider bras to be essential for providing support, comfort, and confidence. However, not all bras are created equal. Some […]

Women’s Problems.. A Pain in the Back!

This month’s blog is a subject that’s close to home for me… As I sat down to start writing, I will admit, I felt less than inspired than I originally thought I would when I opted for the subject: Women and Celebration. However, it was pointed out to me that if I was currently feeling […]