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To step into postural freedom


Our thorough and individualised approach aims to not only get you out of pain as quickly as possible, but address the root cause.

Your pain can range from a mild ache that can come and go to dehabilitating pain. Regardless of the level of pain, it is important to address
and find the root cause. Unfortunately pain is often accompanied by other symptoms, such as sleep disturbances, depression, affected bodily functions and degeneration cause potential long lasting damage to the body.

Here at Spine we treat the body holistically; looking at the whole body and not just the area of pain because pain is most often in a place of compensation away from the main issue and that it why these conditions often come reoccur because the underlying issue has not been handled. During your first appointment with us we will undertake a full case history, followed by a full examination, so we can identify the primary cause of your pain. We will then put together an individualised plan to address the underlying problems, stabilise your body and get
you back to your best.


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